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Roadmap of Eture

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Research paper on Eture auto burger machine

Housing price predict based on BP NN model

Tictok: a quantative approach to improve efficiency of global meetings

The effect of environmental acoustic enrichment and light deprivation on sound localization

Benchmarks of Eture


9.20: EE club of RDFZ was founded


10.8: Set off on a new journey: Eture - Burger Machine


8.29: Carry on: a new team began their journey at Eture


6.8: When passion faded after the year. It's the end of the game.


9.4: Rented Azure server

10.27: Met the local area network for the first time

10.28: Rented AWS server. Met the world for the first time!

10.30: Introduce ETURE.TECH to the world!!! (Once again after almost 3 years)

10.31: Halloween prank app online. Say hello to all my friends for the first time

11.1: Rented Ali Cloud server

11.3: Brought Pot of Fern online to celebrate Fern's 19th birthday

11.5: Security update: introduce HTTPS

11.6: Redeployed the Django on Apache2 and updated the homepage

11.12: Built the first Android App

11.15: Make the first Alipay transaction

11.16: Sent the first SMS code

11.18: Open to SMS registeration

11.19: Wallet feature online

11.20: Reformed server structure. Everything is now hosted on Alicloud

11.21: Breakfast feature online

11.22: Subscription, skip, QR code pay features online

11.23: History orders feature online

11.26: Front end upgrade

11.27: Eture Delivery say hello to dorm no.13!

11.28: 子杰征婚网 online

11.29: Eture Delivery road show achieved great success!

12.2: Decided to pause proj.一日之计

12.6: Gobang AI online

12.9: Gobang AI finalized

12.11: Multi-language support online

12.11: 教主小宇宙 online


4.16: Published the first article of 连线学长姐

5.14: Conceiving PyBrick

5.25: Met Mr.T and chatted about starting again

5.31: The last update of 连线学长姐 - 互联网+ road show

6.9: Team reunion: PyBrick begins from here

7.17: 3D printed PyBrick V0.1 online

7.20: PyBrick re-branded as PyOh!

7.22: PyOh! PCB V0.1 online

8.2: PyOh! PCB V0.2 online

8.10: PyOh! PCB V0.3 online

8.15: Pyoh Interpreter_ online

8.17: 派呦开始块上线

9.1: 翌创评选为北京市优秀创业团队

10.10: 武汉派呦科技有限公司成立

11.12: 派呦登录武汉大学三创展

12.10: 派呦编程拼图登陆淘宝


1.26: 编程拼图V0.6 3D打印完成

2.22: 初代HexBot完成

2.24: 入驻武大训创

3.24: HexBot V2.1完成

4.7: CFC我的世界机器人套件V1.0研发完成

5.8: SMT产线启用

5.9: CFC我的世界机器人套件V2.0研发完成

5.15: 编程拼图V0.8 3D打印完成

6.12: RvStar扩展板量产

7.16: 深创赛获奖

8.26: 编程拼图V0.9 3D打印完成

8.29: 获得XBotPark&深圳科创学院最佳项目奖

9.27: HexBot V2.2.1.1 3D打印外壳版问世

11.23: 物联网主控板V0.3量产


1.11: 编程拼图V0.10.0 PCB小批量

1.22: 编程拼图V0.10.0 3D打印完成

1.29: 编程拼图V0.10.0.3 3D打印完成